Sunday, November 20, 2005

Whose Content Is It (2)

Following my previous post on content ownership below and the difference between message boards (which are all about the subject) and blogs (which are all about the person), I came upon this message on Fox’s message boards (eg see here), related to their TV shows...

“By posting your message, you agree that Fox Broadcasting Company, its affiliated companies, and their successors and licensees have the unlimited and irrevocable right, without further consideration, to use any portion of your message and your first name in all media now known or hereafter created, worldwide and in perpetuity in connection with the advertising, promotion and publicity of the series or any of its episodes.”

(The text isn’t just in the background in some user agreement – it is the only text that appears ont eh front page when you click on ‘message board’ from the show’s site, which does drive home the point.)

BTW - I just hope the spirit of myspace permeates fox, and not vice versa…


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